Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mercedes Benz of Boerne Sprinter Master Introduction

Welcome to the Sprinter Masters!

Thank you for taking a moment to visit our blog.  Mercedes Benz of Boerne is located in South Texas.  We have become one of the largest dealers in the Southern US Market.  Proudly Mercedes Benz of Boerne has won the “Best of the Best” dealer award 7 consecutive years in a row.  We have been selling the Sprinter since 2010 when Mercedes began to sell them in the U.S. market under the “Mercedes-Benz” brand. 

The goal of this blog is simple, to be your resource to Sprinter Van information.  We will provide you the most efficient and up to date Sprinter Van information.
The Sprinter has a large variety of applications. Sprinters can be used for passenger vans, delivery vehicles, mobility vehicles, plumbing vans, delivery, medical supply, ambulances and many other options.  We aim to be your resource to finding just how the Sprinter can assist you with your personal and business needs. We will show you numerous projects that we have completed on the Sprinter.  We can assist you with our vast network of builders that will design, build and customize to suite your specific need.

The Sprinter Expert:
My name is Dyron Walls and I have been selling Sprinter vans since 2010.  I have 14 years experience in the car business.  I entered in the car business in 1999 selling vehicles at a local Ford Dealer.  I worked 7 years with Ford in which I produced a large business by continued focus on customer service.  At Ford I provided innovative ideas for building & uses of fleet vehicles.  In November of 2005 I decided to take on the challenge of selling Mercedes-Benz.  I have been very successful here and in 2010 was tasked with starting up the sales department for Sprinter Vans.  I have spent the last couple of years learning the vans through great hours of research and interviews with Mercedes-Benz Engineers.  I am confident that this is the best van on the road for you and your company. 

I am a proud husband, father of 1 son and a great step son! My personal motto is to give my best, work for the best and continue to strive to be the best everyday.  I look forward to providing you the latest information on the Sprinter van.

Mercedes-Benz of Boerne
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