Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sprinter Acceleration Skid Control (ASR)

This past week I had the opportunity to attend a very informative ride and drive the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter hosted for dealers and potential customers.  It was a great event and several new items were introduced and reviewed.  One of the events featured a loaded Sprinter van that could demonstrate exactly how this very key safety system works.  The ASR is a skid control that works in partnership with load adjustment system to maximize safety and help prevent roll over.  In the videos below you will see a van that is a one of a kind unit.  Mercedes-Benz has loaded the van with 2500 pounds of water and then built a brace that places all the weight at the roof of the van.  They then installed 2 additional seats so once completely loaded the van is roughly at capacity for load in terms of pounds.  Please watch below

On this run the van is going 20 MPH and the ASR is turned OFF!

On this run the van is going 30 MPH and the ASR is turned OFF!

On this run the van is going 40 MPH with the ASR turned ON!

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